“Che suono dovrebbe avere il rock?
Quello di una palla d’acciaio frastagliato
che stride a tutta velocita’ sull’asfalto
e con al suo interno
la donna piu’ dolce mai vista
che apre le braccia
e ti offre il suo corpo”


“Quando cade una stella,
c’è un’anima che sale in cielo”


In a world made of heart,
but sorely lacking in love,
I fill myself with passions sweet grace
to bring the sun out from its place
where it hides beneath your face
of lost loves and past pains
of heartache and mistakes
& there I will find you
broken and bold
needing something to hold
and I will be that something
and you will never be told
by another soul
how you look in the light
of unconditional love
hold tight, it’s alright.
Let me lift you above
feel your heart taking flight
that you thought didn’t work
but it did, and it does
and I am what it deserves