Touching my soul


Birth to this emptiness, conception in lovelessness
Spiritless hands show no caress
There was no embrace from tear-stained faces
Environment bottomless compassion was motionless

Weary eyes will only see the depths of captivity
Here in this perpetual misery
Hate’s piercing sound disfigures the soul
In the stream of my tears, I lay in their mold

Do you got any love in your heart ?

Unfeeling, unfeeling, unfeeling
I touched my innermost self with its healing
Threw myself down at the feet of its mercy

The stone of my heart met its defeat
Love emptied me filling me with serenity
It’s a light that want to embrace me
I was not of love still it accepted me whole

And where there was nothing left
There is lovin’ the soul

_Do you got any love in your heart ?
___Love is not weakness

_____ _Love is power

_____  ___Love is truth

_____   ______Love is endless

:______   _______Love is your forgiveness

________    ________Love is your sacrifice

__________     _________Love is your faith

____________         __________Love is your trust

________________          __________Love is your hope